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Can I apply for food stamps, with very low SSD income, and some money in the bank?

Lake Orion, MI |

Is there some maximum amount of money I can have in the bank to be able to get food stamps?
My SSD income is about $1000 per month after medical insurance.
I am living in my own home.
Property taxes are about $2000.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. You can apply and of course the amount of dependents you have will make a difference. There is no harm in applying for the benefits if you truly need them.

  2. Yes, you can apply. Just tell them what you have and your expenses.

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  3. You can apply. The will do the calculations for you.

  4. Yes, there is a maximum amount of money you can have in the bank - $5,000.00.
    See pg. 4 at this link: