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Can I apply for citizenship if I have panic and anxiety disorder?

Dallas, TX |

Im 29 year old male, I have been in the U.S since I was 4 years old, never been arrested, no crimes, became permanent resdient in 2008, registered in selective service in 2008

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  1. You should really ask this in the immigration section as it has nothing to do with Social Security.

  2. This question relates to immigration law. If you have such a disorder seek legal counsel in your area. Consult with an excellent immigration attorney who can advise you. If you have such a disorder an attorney should be retained to go with you to the interview, so your anxiety can be lessened. If you are asking whether such a disorder would cause you to be ineligible for applying from Naturalization the answer is generally no; but more facts would need to be discussed to determine whether anything in your history or background would make you ineligible for naturalization or subject you to deportation. Seek counsel now.

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  3. Post this in immigration section.

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