Can i apply for citizenship?

Asked 11 months ago - Jonesboro, GA

I committed an misdemeanor back when i was 14 & i am 19 now and ill like to apply for my citizenship, will i be denied because of that mistake?

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  1. Christina A Wilkes

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    Answered . Your question requires additional information. What was the misdemeanor? We're you charged as a juvenile or an adult? We're you convicted? What, if any, was your sentence? Criminal issues have the potential to have very serious immigration consequences and you would be wise to consult with an attorney in person who can carefully evaluate your criminal case and its possible impact.

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  2. Karin Wolman


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    Answered . My colleague is right: no attorney can assess the consequences of a misdemeanor from 5 years ago without knowing the disposition of that charge. You need the Certificate of Disposition for an attorney to give you accurate information about its potential impact on an N400 application.

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  3. Abraham B. Cardenas


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    Answered . Probably not but more information is needed. You need to get all the papers regarding the case and go see an immigration lawyer.

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  4. David Nabow Soloway

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    Answered . In addition to the valuable feedback provided in other responses, be aware that the criminal law classification of an offense as a "misdemeanor" is not binding upon the USCIS, and depending upon details such as the maximum possible sentence allowable a "misdemeanor" may be treated by the USCIS as a felony. The assessment of consequences relating to a criminal proceeding (even in some cases where a person was NOT adjudicated guilty) upon eligibility for naturalization and upon other immigration issues can be quite complex, even for experienced attorneys, and it would be unwise to proceed without engaging an immigration attorney.

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  5. Irina Alexander Vinogradsky

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    Answered . The juvenile of offense is not trust a misdemeanor , it is a delinquency . Delinquency is rather civil than criminal . You should be able to naturalized . Get an immigration attorney to help you.

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