Can i apply for a nonimmigrant visa?

i was 16 when i left the US with an expired visa for almost 2 years. does the 10 year bar apply? i am now 23, can i apply for a visitor's visa?

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Hassan Hussein Elkhalil

Hassan Hussein Elkhalil

Immigration Attorney

Yes you can. If the visa expires while you are in the United States, it does not affect your reapplication. The visa is only to enter the U.S. The authorized stay is what is noted on teh I-94. If you are referring to overstaying your authorized staywhen you were 16, that should not count against you because you were a child, under 18. Again, you can apply for non-immigrant visa but of course, as usual, you need to proof that you do not have an immigrant intent. Good luck.

Hassan Elkhalil

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