Can I appeal my license suspension?

I have an unpaid speeding violation; one in VA and the other in SC. Both states suspended my license, but they were small fines...

Norfolk, VA -

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Mitchell Mead Wells

Mitchell Mead Wells

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Richmond, VA

In Virginia, you are suspended by DMV based on the facts you have provided. The DMV suspension for failure to pay fine + court costs will be removed after you pay the fine, courts costs and DMV reinstatement fee.

Timothy Kevin Wilson

Timothy Kevin Wilson

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Manassas, VA

I don't understand why you ask about appealing your license suspension.

If you are suspended in VA and SC as a result of failing to pay small fines associated with speeding violations, I suggest you pay the amounts due to both states so that your ability to drive can be reinstated.

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