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Can I add my name to my husband's car insurance ? I am driving the care everyday , and my name not on the card

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Hi, I got married a few months ago ,and we have been trying with my husband's car insurance ( state farm ) to add my name on the card , they wont let me, they say I am covered , my name on their computer its ok if i drive the car but the card should have his name only bc he is the owner of the car !! now why is that ? what if i get pulled over and the officer says my name not on the card ... I drive the car all day while my husband at work.. what should I do ?

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  1. Insurance cards typically name the primary insured only. When the policy number is looked up you should be an insured and/or listed driver. This is normal.

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  2. It doesn't matter if your name is not on the card. The insurance covers the car, not the individual. You are covered unless you are specifically named as an excluded driver. However, there shouldn't be a problem to add your name to the card. If they are giving you a hard time, switch to another company. USAA, Farmers, Texas Farm Bureau, Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Travelers, The Hartford, and Farmers are decent company alternatives. Make sure to get PIP and UM/UIM because these coverages are extremely important.

  3. If the insurance company says you're covered, you should be ok. If you're still concerned about it, call the insurance company and ask to talk to a supervisor. Good luck.

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  4. The card that stays with the car does not need to have your name on it. However, the policy declaration page will need to have you as a named insured, otherwise you are excluded as an un-named driver living in the same residence. So the next time it is renewed you should show up on the declaration page. It is typical for them to just add your name in their computer until the next renewal. If you are concerned, you might want to get something in writing. The next time the policy is renewed, make sure your name is included.

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  5. Your name doesn't have to be on the card, you just need to be on the policy.

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  6. I suggest that you and your new husband contact an independent insurance agent and shop for identical coverage to what is currently on the State Farm policy. I suspect that you will be able to find a more competitive rate and be able to have both of your names appear on the policy. While you are probably covered under the existing State Farm policy, either as a spouse of the insured or as a permissive driver, it would take a detailed review of the policy language to be sure. I usually recommend to my clients that every 3 years or so they shop around for better automobile rates. Rates change from year to year and the Company which appears to be a good buy one year may later turn out to be the most expensive around. There is no benefit to maintaining the same carrier for many years. They would drop you in a heart beat if they thought you exposed them to unacceptable risks, regardless of how many decades you have been insured with them. Shop around.

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  7. Tell your agent, it may save you money.

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