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Can I 'drive on a ticket'?

O Fallon, IL |

Hello! I was arrested for driving on suspended operators and ticketed accordingly. I was not aware of the suspension, or the ticket that resulted in the suspension, but I went ahead and payed the fines that had been incurred to clean up this messy issue. The arresting officer was very kind, and informed me that, once I've taken care of the issue and had the suspension lifted, I can drive using the yellow citation paper (since she has my licence [Because I didn't pay bond?]) until I get a new license or until my court date. Now, my parents and I are leery about doing this, because we can't find anything, in writing, that says this. I was wondering not only if this is illegal, but where does actually say I can do that in the Law?
Thank You.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Contact the Secretary of State, they will be more then happy to inform you if your driving privilege is reinstated. If they say you are reinstated then you can drive on the ticket. You want to make sure there are no other holds on your license first, including reinstatement fees...
    Good luck

  2. you can drive on a ticket. Get a lawyer to fight it.