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Can ex get out of paying support? What can I expect now that order is pending registration in th US.

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German support order, ex owes over $90,000. He was served last month, Filed for extension to contest arrears and get a lawyer. He paid support while in Germany and stopped when he returned to U.S. We are both Americans, we divorced in Germany where I currently live with child.

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    So long as the order is properly entered, I wouldn't see how the ex could avoid payment. He's entitled to assert certain, limited defenses, such as that the German court lacked proper jurisdiction. In any event, schedule a consultation with a NYC Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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  2. No. Men had to pay even when they were under a Ukranian Writ to pay support. He'll be nailed with the registration (unless he has a statutory defense which I doubt he does) and you'll eventually violate him. $90,000? That's high.

    Hopefully he doesn't flip custody to do the same to you.

    Good luck.

  3. File for a violation and have the order registered in NY. You may be entitled to support and legal fees, interest and even seek his incarceration if it was willful.

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  4. If registered properly, the Order should be enforceable unless it contains a legal defect of some sort.

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