Can employers see my juvenile record?

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I read on somewhere that juvenile records are not open to the public. Does that mean if I apply for a job, I can say I have not committed a crime or felony? Right now I'm trying to apply for a retail job, but later on in the future as I finish college I want a real job. Will REAL employers know if I had a juvenile record if the information is not open to the public? I am thinking about consulting an attorney so he or she can help me seal my records just to be safe. Some people say that employers cannot see your juvenile record but some people say they can. So what is the real answer to this question? My offense was only a misdemeanor which was not as bad as a felony but I just want to make sure before I get disqualified from getting a job. Let's say if I do seal my records through an attor

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ney, will my future employers see that I had a record or no? I am talking about the jobs that needs degrees. If anyone can explain into detail, that would be great. Thanks

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  1. Answered . The Law if very confusing. On one hand, a juvenile case is not a criminal case, yet it does preserve a record. Minors are often confused because when their case ends a probation officer usually submits a NAR report stating the case is dismissed. Most people take this as no person can access my records. My understanding is that third parties are not able to see your misdemeanor record once the case is over, but they can petition to see them. However, I would not rely on that alone. You can seal or destoy your record which is your best bet. I have been appointed on literally hundreds of juvenile cases and when you seal them the department of justice, the school you were attending, your attorney and others are ordered to seal or destroy their files. I cannot open my own file without a court order. When a third party requests your information and petitions the court, they will be told what report? I would hire an attorney to get this accomplished.

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  2. Answered . Many persons with a juvenile record believe that the record is sealed automatically. That is not the case. It is up to the individual to bring a Petition to the court for an Order to seal (and ultimately destroy)the record. The petition must be brought at the time specified by statute.

    Here is a link to the court's description and instructions for sealing a juvenile record:

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