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Can employer send me legal notice to recover for H1B and Green Card Fee

Simi Valley, CA |

I was offered an employment with lucrative pay by company A. The company A said that they will file my H1B Transfer and Green Card Processing immediately. After they filed my LCA for H1B then i got to know that the company is notorious and traps people in a bad way. I declined to join them. They are saying that they already spent $10,000 towards my H1B and Green Card processing. If i won't pay back this money to them then they will take legal action against me. I never signed any agreement with them. Can they take legal action to recover the money?

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  1. Don't worry. They are just bluffing. They don't have a leg to stand on with this one (and they think you are a Nimrod (totally ignorant, gullible and impressionable): by law the employer is the one who has to pay the attorney fees AND USCIS H-1B filing fees, as well as the attorney fees for the " LC" as you call it .. It is totally ludicrous that employer to even mention something like that! Well, now that you are adequately informed you can go back to them and tell them to get lost..

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  2. Yes, in many circumstances. It is not prohibited by the US Immigration Law. Only PERM and I-129 associated Fraud fee MUST be paid by the employer, The rest is negotiable and depends on the contract. That is, of course, if your salary was substantially hire than the prevailing wage, hence otherwise the employer would run into a serious problem of having paid you the wage lower than that certified for on the LCA

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  3. It seems the only work done so far has been filing a LCA. My office charges $50 for that. Returning recruitment costs is generally written into an employment contract. If you did not sign one, dont see how you will be bound by its terms.

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