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Can employer pay a separate training wage from what my wage is for agency required training, I make $12 per hour normally,

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however my employer pays $7.65 (minimum wage) for agency required trainings. someone told me they did not think this was legal.
Also if you did not make the training for what ever reason they make you sit in their office and watch the training on DVD, which is approximately 2 hours, and they say if you don't make the training in person on the day it is done in person, then you don't get paid the training wages for that training, even though you still have to sit in their office and watch the exact same training.
Are either of these 2 things actually legal?
Also are they required to pay these in the week they are completed? they pay them out in a lump quarterly (and we don't get overtime if training causes you to go over 40 hours)

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An employer may set a different hourly pay rate for training, provided that the hourly rate for training is at least minimum wage. Your employer should be paying its employees for their time spent watching the training on DVD. The training hours count as work hours for overtime purposes. You should be paid for training time in your next pay check, and not quarterly. I would encourage you to consult in person with an employment lawyer. If you have a viable claim for unpaid overtime, then you could recover double damages and your employer could be required to pay your attorneys' fees. If you have a viable claim for unpaid wages, then you could recover treble damages and recover your attorneys' fees. Good luck.

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