Can Domestic victim request/ask to lift up no contact orders ? my boy friend was charged with DV assault 4 degree. can I request

Asked almost 2 years ago - Seattle, WA

can I ask the court to lift up the no contact orders, during the trail ? his lawyer filed a notice of appearance; plea of not guilty; demand for jury trial; and request for discovery. what kind of questions I will face during the trail ? we want him back to the family. it was happen unexpectedly. is there any chances to get back together? please advise.

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  1. Adam Joseph Yanasak

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    Answered . Yes, an alleged victim of an assault and the protected party in a no-contact order may ask the judge to lift the no-contact order. However, judges will usually deny these requests unless certain circumstances are present. These circumstances vary from court to court and case to case, but it is common for judges to condition their granting of this request upon proof that the alleged perpetrator is in a domestic violence treatment program.

    Your boyfriend's attorney should know more about this so you should try to speak with them. At this point you are a witness in the case and your boyfriend's attorney can speak to you in that capacity. However, his attorney does not represent you and will be limited in the advice s/he can give.

    You also have a right to consult with/hire your own attorney to try to assist you in this process.

  2. Colin Michael Scott

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    Answered . You can request that the NCO is struck and/or modified. Usually, this is done by contacting the prosecutor's office and filling out what is commonly referred to as a "victim's input statement." You can also speak to the prosecutor directly and ask them to strike and/or modify the NCO. However, the decision to strike and/or modify the NCO will ultimately rest with the court, and will depend on a number of factors (i.e. the severity of the assault, prior offenses, witness statements, victim's input statements, etc.).

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  3. Patrick Owen Earl


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    Answered . What you should do is contact an attorney on the phone or through this website and arrange a meeting in his/her office. You need to be told specific things to specific questions asked by the attorney to make sure YOUR rights are protected and that you are not setting yourself up for a possible charge of false reporting or perjury. Please contact an attorney now and spend a few dollars to have a conversation with him/her. IT WILL BE WELL WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Especially if you signed a written statement about incident either written out by you or the officer.

  4. Andrew M. Leone

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    Answered . You can request for the no contact order be lifted, but the ultimate decision is up to the judge. You can ask your boyfriend's attorney what to expect.

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