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Can dcfs impose a hefty service plan on you even if im unfounded? Its a dependency case,basically my 16 yr old beyond my control

Herrin, IL |

I have a daughter who is adjudicated delinquent,an a minor in need of intervention. There are several domestic battery charges on her,many of which i am the victim. The only recourse i have had is to do a lock out to keep the violence away from my other younger kids. They have placed her in foster care,unfounded all allegations against me,however continue to resxtrict access (supervised visits,supervised phone calls ) as if im a child abuser! Im the victim of domestic! Many police reports and several court cases.Even though im unfounded they are treating me as if im abuseive.Service plan calls for extensive counseling etc.I have other kids at home who need and deserve my time as well,im at a loss.Everyone advised me to do lockout,judge ,probation,police Now im in a huge messAny advice?

They gave me a public defender ,however he is uninterested,and all that does is make it impossible for me to speak in court. Would asking for a writ be appropriate? after all my freedoms are being imposed on,and there is no charge,no allegation ...i dont think dcfs has made ANT reasonable efforts to keep my child with me,because they advised me as well "to just lock her out" well i thought probation would revoke her,not turn and point at me. I have no record,yet its like im on parole!

Attorney Answers 3

  1. if you locked her out, if you are the victim of her violence, why are you arguing for visits?

    too bad that you signed the service plan. take it and all the court papers and police reports and dcfs reports to a lawyer for real advice. that is the best advice we can give you on the site.

  2. You need to discuss your issues with an attorney who is familiar with DCFS-juvenile cases. If you have not yet signed the service plan , DO NOT until you have discussed this with your lawyer.

    Curious - If you locked out your daughter, what exactly are you fighting?

  3. Did you sign this "service plan," often called a "safety plan?" Hopefully you did not, because if you did, irregardless of the facts/circumstances/etc., the only thing that a lawyer can do is defend you if you've been accused of violating said plan.

    Before you do anything more, take your paperwork down to a family law attorney.