Can dcf force husband to pay support during pending divorce

Case underway wife filed vs hubby (me) I don't yet have lawyer. Judge told wife case too early to award interim child support so she went to dcf...wants to circumvent judge/paying her lawyer. I'm worried.

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Brittney Cecilia Gutin

Brittney Cecilia Gutin

Family Law Attorney

Do you mean that your wife went to the Department of Revenue (DOR)? They can establish child support in cases. Usually, if it is established via DOR that case will eventually be consolidated into your current divorce proceeding.

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Melissa Engle Peat

Melissa Engle Peat

Family Law Attorney - Indian Harbour Beach, FL

The Department of Children and Families deals with the issue(s) involving the safe environment and treatment of the child(ren). They are not collectors. However, the Department of Revenue does assume that role in relation to child support and can ask the Court to award child support. Remember, child support is for the benefit of the child(ren). It would benefit you to speak with an attorney who can advise you regarding what has occurred so far in the case, what your financial position will dictate in terms of child support and spousal support and the likelihood of your wife prevailing on a Motion for Temporary Support. An attorney can also assist you should the Department of Revenue file in relation to child support.

Earl Kenneth Mallory

Earl Kenneth Mallory

Litigation Lawyer - Jupiter, FL

If you have a child or children, both you and your wife both have an obligation to support them. Child support is controlled by Fla. Stat. S. 61.30. It is available on-line. Do the right thing. Support your kids. It does no good to anyone for you to not fulfil your legal and moral obligations.

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