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Can dcf be guilty of double jeopardy laws

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I spent ten yrs on probation met all conditions got off 1996 2005 dcf got false report , can it be used against me again, i,m being punished a second time. is this is legal.i not broken any laws at that time or even now.I,m not adjudicated guilty.Fdle says i,m not convicted, a lawyer also told me too. can they grandfather me into thier system, what is the statue of limitation .No charges were made about abuse by dcf, just the lie about being foud guilty.

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Double Jeopardy applies to criminal prosecution. A person can't be convicted of the same crime twice. While it is pretty typical for a person to have criminal charges brought as a result of a DCF investigation, they are not the same. DCF itself is not subject to double jeopardy.

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