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Can cps take your child out of school without parent permission?

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cps came to my childs school and took her to the downtown office. the school did not call me to tell me that they came and took her. i had to find out by cps calling for me to go to their office to pick her up. in turn, my spouse and i were both interviewed. should i have been notified before cps took my child since we have to sign a paper with the school stating who the child can leave with? my child was scared out of her mind when she left with cps and is still scared that they will take her again without letting me know.

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It is unusual for them to actually take the child from the school but they can interview the child any time and anywhere they want. If the child is suspected of committing an offense, then the child can be arrested. If the child is suspected of being an abuse victim, then they can do what they need to do to protect the child. It is unfortunate that your child was so scared but you can help ease your child's mind by reassuring her that CPS is like police - and they are looking out for your child's best interests and she is safe with CPS.

As far as school notification, talk to the school about why they did not notify you. Perhaps they were instructed not to. If not, then I would advise them that you expect to be notified any time your child is to be taken by the school and by whom - and to ensure that they obtain a copy of the driver's license of the person taking the child. You do have the right to be assured that your child is not being kidnapped and is safe.

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