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Spouse of 16 yrs 8 kids, ABUSIVE tried to kill me so got restrainig order and for kids to, he made a bogus report sayiNg i was on herion dirty kids, well not true they talked to kids schools and daycare nO CASE opened but WAS ASKED TO TAKE DRUG TEST I SMOKED WEED though.

i moved to a whole new state and am doing everything for them but i smoked weed last week just stressed

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Child Protective Services has broad authority to protect children if they believe that they are in a situation that may endanger their lives or well being. Now that stuff aside, you do have a problem. You will tell CPS that it was just stress and everything is good now. What they will hear is I'm a junkie and smoke daily. They are going to ask to test you. If you refuse then they will get a court to temporarily remove your children from your care. So you have a choice, cooperate with the test and prepare to jump through all sorts of hoops before you get CPS out of your life or refuse and prepare to have to jump through hoops anyway. If you have any kinds of means at all you should consult with a local lawyer that does this kind of law. If you don't have money ask the judge to appoint you counsel.

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