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Can child support garnish a personal line of credit at a bank in your name?

Mesquite, TX |

I owe back child support and just wanted to see if i get a line of credit will they garnish it?

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No. The bank is not holding money belonging to you.

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You owe back child support, which is accruing interest at 6%, and you want to borrow more money and pay interest at an even higher rate in that money, and then work at your job to support both debts and pay current child support payments and bills at the same time? You need to get guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

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No. A line of credit is a loan from the bank and no one can make a loan go into effect. In circumstances when they can garnish a bank account, it has to be a deposit account or an asset you own. A line of credit is not considered an asset - instead t's access to credit. But the moment you take an advance on the line of credit and put the money into your checking account, they might be able to get it at that moment.

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