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Can child support be taken out of an SSI check?

Orfordville, WI |

My boyfriend is 18 and he receives and SSI check monthly and we are expecting a baby. I am 16 and my parents are going to file for child support. In Wisconsin can child support be taken from his SSI check?

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  1. SSI payments are not subject to garnishment, but other payments such as SSD, DAC, etc. are subject to garnishment.

    The Social Security system limits the garnishment amount to the lesser of the State maximum or the maximum under the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) (15 U.S.C. 1673(b)) and is based on the law of the State where the beneficiary resides. Hereafter, the CCPA limit is referred to as the “Federal” limit. The CCPA limits garnishment to:

    50%, if the beneficiary is supporting a spouse and/or child other than the spouse and/or child whose support has been ordered.

    60%, if the beneficiary is not supporting another spouse and/or child.

    55% or 65% respectively, if the garnishment order or other evidence submitted indicates the original support ordered is 12 or more weeks in arrears.

    NOTE: SSI payments are not subject to garnishment.

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  2. I agree with the below answer but even more importantly, disability income is not available for calculating child support. Any non-taxable income cannot be used for that purpose. So, in reality, he has no income for child support purposes. However, depending on the circumstances, he may be ordered to get a job to pay support.

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