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Can Child Protective Services take your child without telling you why or giving you any info/

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when it comes down to it. The case worker just told me she was for the county and needed to know the kids were with their dad and etc. Then it turned to she wanted me to sign a form saying I was to get suprvised with my kids and never left alone she wanted me to sign a paper when I asked why? what did I do? she could not answer me. I asked for a lawyer or chaplain because I didnt want to sign something I did not know and she got rude one kids went to state care the other one went with a dad who beat me. She gave me no info from her as in name phone number just a court date written on a yellow sheet of notebook paper at the mp station and it did not see right to I also stated my kids are native american and our CDIB Card holders they are to be placed with Natives and she said no.

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I strongly advise that you hire a family law attorney immediately. Based on what you wrote, I doubt that Child Protective Services just decided to go ahead and take your child without a prior court proceeding and/or court action, because they have no authority to act independently of the courts. Therefore, I would check to see if your child's father has initiated an action with the court and/or filed some type of complaint, etc., with Child Protective Services. Also, I would find out if the attorney you speak with has experience with, and knowledge of, Native American child custody issues. Good luck.

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my child father has not he is very shocked as well everyone is very lost on this and it is said i have court in manon county jubenile court on tuesday at buena vista ga this. i called the hotline for ga child protective services they said if she wrote it on a paper within 24 i would have been given a court order shown and sign by a judge and the reason why in which i have yet to get any papers of such thing yet

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