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Can bail conditions be dropped or amended?

Sanford, ME |

My husband was arrested for domestic assult. After he was released from jail they imposed bail conditions on him - he's not to have any contact with me, be within x number of feet of my home, car or being. We have a 19 month old son together and it's making it very difficult to co-parent with these conditions. My husband's appointed lawyer never calls him back or updates him on the case. We're working in the dark. Now the DA's office is telling me they won't hear the case until probably November... the incident happened in May of this year. Because of the long time period I think it would be best if the bail conditions could be changed so that we're allowed contact, I don't know how to go about starting that process, if it's possible.

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Yes. Pre-conviction bail conditions made be amended but you are not a party to the proceeding so you cannot started the proceeding to amend bail. The only people who may start the process is the State or the Defendant. You should contact the DA's office and speak to the victim witness advocate and make your opinion known. Also, you should call your husband's attorney and make sure your position is known.

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