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Can auto repair shop charge storage fees when vehicle is not repaired and I didn't authorize towing?

Savannah, GA |

My car was towed to Jackson Brother Auto Repair shop without my approval back in July and I never heard anything from them nor signed any paperwork. However I received a call recently from one of the shops owners stating my car is registered in Mildred name and they are going to sale my car because they have sent me bills and certified mail and I never responded. I explained to Mr Jackson my name Twana and I never received any mail from them. He stated I owe him $1,540 and he would be taking me to court to recover his loss and selling my car. Is it legal for a repair shop to charge storage fees for a car that is not repaired and I never gave consent or received paperwork? How can I avoid paying the storage fees and get my car back today because shop owner will not release my car?

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    The answer is yes. The repair shop can charge storage fees and if the storage fees aren't paid and depending upon whether or not they have properly done the paperwork, they can have your vehicle declared abandoned and sell it to recoup their storage fees.

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  2. Since he haven't told us (1) why your car was towed, (2) what you did to look for the car, and (3) why you haven't looked for your car until now, there is no way to answer you.

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  3. If the car is registered in Mildred's name of course Twana did not receive mail addressed to Mildred. Also, if the car is registered and titled in Mildred's name then the car belongs to Mildred and Mildred, not Twana, will get sued. And yes, the shop has a lien on the car for storage fees (unless they just came and stole/towed it away) and they can auction your car off to pay the storage bill.

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  4. The car can not be deemed abandoned until the shop can prove that notice has been given to the owner.