Can attorney still file emergency hearing if we make car payment to un-freeze bank account?

Asked over 1 year ago - Goose Creek, SC

Husband's ex-wife refuses to pay her car payment, which is still attached to his name because she cannot transfer the title and loan to her name alone. (per divorce decree, car is supposed to be her responsibility alone) Until car payment is made, my deployed husband's bank accounts are frozen, but we have 3 children needing groceries (and rent!). Can our attorney still file for an emergency hearing if we make the car payment so we can access the funds for much needed groceries?

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  1. John A. Jackson

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    Answered . You may not be able to get an emergency hearing but the bank that froze your husband's bank account may be violating the law. If your husband is on active duty and is deployed overseas then the bank should not be able to sue your husband which is what would have had to happen to freeze your bank accounts. I suggest speaking with an attorney right away.

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  2. John R.C. Bowen

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    Answered . More information about how, by whom, and why your husband's bank accounts are frozen is necessary to address this question. If you already have an attorney, you should direct this question to your lawyer. If you have no lawyer, you should consult one promptly. Since your husband is apparently in the military service, it might be helpful to consult with a lawyer who deals with military law as there may be special rules applicable to active service members who are on deployment. Also, there may be certain sources of temporary assistance for you and your family through your husband's command while this matter gets sorted out. This sounds like a serious problem for you, and I wish you good luck. Don't delay in consulting with an attorney.

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  3. Penny Hays Cauley

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    Answered . Who is the loan company that obtained the freeze on your bank account? A freeze cannot be put on a bank account without a judgment. Additionally, as your husband is currently deployed, he cannot be sued nor can a judgment be entered against him. You may want to contact the loan company and bank and demand that the account be unfrozen. If they refuse, you should contact an attorney.

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