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Can arrears payments be stopped if my only income is SSI?

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I owe a significant amount of back child support (no current support). I recently filed for disability, and I am NOT eligible for SSDI but I may be for SSI. My question is, if I am approved for SSI and it is my ONLY source of income, can the court still order me to pay arrears off of that income even though it is not considered an income but a "needs based" government subsidy? I know that it cannot be garnished, so what happens to the court order then? Can I get it thrown out or lowered to nothing? And can I be held in contempt if the state doesn't garnish my SSI and I don't send in payments?

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This is still income for purposes of calculation of child support. If you have a backpay, you may be able to negotiate a settlement on arrears. Otherwise, the repay will be quite low if you are only CEO ing SSI.



So they can order me to pay off of it even though they can't garnish it?

Tajara Dommershausen

Tajara Dommershausen



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