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Can anyone tell me who is the best child custody attorney is in Wisconsin?.

Madison, WI |

Ihave had my child taken from me for NO REASON!. but the political ties that my ex father-in-law has. NOBODY is taking her situation seriously as he seems to have his foot in the door with everyone that I try to get to help her. There are serious accusations of child abuse and drug abuse. Her Father and his Family are extremely controlling and have completely cut me out of her life since the day she was born. I need somebody who is going to listen to HER (she is nearly 12) and somebody who believes that justice on behalf of those that are not able to protect themselves should be an integral part of their job. I have been treated like a surrogate mother to my own child since the day she was born. How can somebody get away with this?. Isn't it illegal to steal somebodies child from them?

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  1. The best attorney, that's a tough referral to provide. The best attorneys in child placement might not be the best for you. For instance, what is your financial situation and what is the financial situation of your former husband(don't answer this on here, this is just a question for you to consider)? Have you tried contacting the Dane County Bar Association? They run a pretty good referral service and they should be able match you up with a competent attorney. Otherwise you might want to initially check out UW Law's Family Law Clinic, they should provide some good initial assistance and should be able to provide a good referral if you need it.

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  2. I tend to agree with the previous answer.
    A lot of the outcome tends to be driven by the county and the judge. So, just because one has had a lot of experience doesn't mean they will prevail. One thing that is for sure is an attorney with a strong reputation will put a lot of time into the result and likely at their rate run up one heck of a bill. I have seen attorneys charge $20,000 in a one week period. So, you would have to put your limits on what you can afford, and what you then could expect.

    As to your underlying issue. You are venting. But what you need to do is sit down and talk to an attorney and lay out proof of what has already happened. To start go get the files from the clerk of courts and pay for copies. Then you will have something to talk about, because no one is taken without due process. So, the question is what was due process in this case.

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