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Can anyone PLEASE recommend a legal malpractice attorney in Michigan who would at least listen to my claim?

Three Rivers, MI |

I believe I can prove malpractice. It is a divorce case involving sexual abuse and sexually explicit comments made by my attorney with me being the only woman present on 2 separate occasions. This same atty did nothing to follow up when my ex refused to follow a court order to make car payments, causing my vehicle to be repossessed and the loss of my job. This same atty advised me in an email (I have all emails and a voice recording between he and I) to accept the mediation offer as it was a generous offer and also stating that terms of the QDRO were taxes would be prepaid! Also wrong. I now have a $59,000 bill to IRS. He charged $15009. for his services. The only issue to discuss was the stock. My ex earns $100,000/yr for past 24 years and I earn $10,000/year for past 9 years.

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    My suggestion is to first consult with another family law attorney. If that attorney thinks that malpractice was committed, he/she can refer you to someone. Since the underlying issue is regarding a family law situation, and you need an expert to say that your family law attorney's decision was a deviation from what an attorney should have done, my thoughts are to get yourself a good family law attorney first. That attorney can tell you and let yo know if what was presented at mediation was reasonable. What I am unclear about, is whether you have discharged or terminated your current attorney relationship. Hopefully, you can find someone to help you. Good Luck.

  2. This forum is not for recommending lawyers. You can go to Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool, and you can go down the list of attorneys until you find help. You may want to offer to pay for an initial consultation if you are having problems.

  3. The MIchigan Bar Association may have an attorney referral service. I suggest you check there, or search AVVO for a family law attorney in your area to speak with about your issues

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