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Can an inmate be denied spiritual advise from a Reverend?

Uniontown, PA |

My wife, Kathryn, is a Reverend and a long time friend of Charles Bittner who is now an inmate at Fayette County PA Prison until yesterday 9 Apr. He was transferred to Greene County Prison. Kathryn has been giving spiritual advise to him for over 2yrs, so there is a history between them. Charlie was jailed again this past Feb, and Kathryn would go to the prison to give him hope and spiritual healing. Now he is being denied this trust he has in her via this transfer. The prison will not bring him back. Can you help? Please don't say Hire A Lawyer because we cannot afford to do that, and Legal Aid Office will not help. We need real advise. Is there anyone who could use some Pro Bono work? Not enough time on this site to go fully into Charlie's situation.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You can call me at (412) 551-4960. I'll see what I can do for you (your wife). No charge.

  2. Wow, please take advantage of Mr. Jones very generous offer.

  3. As I read your question, the defendant is not being denied the opportunity to receive spiritual advice. You do not specify the reason for the transfer or if their relationship was a contributing factor. Nevertheless, I suspect that if your wife wanted to visit or correspond with the defendant at the Greene County Prison, she would be afforded that opportunity. Neither she nor the defendant have a right to housing at a particular jail of their choice.