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Can an in home daycare with no contract require me to give two week notice or pay for that two week tuition?

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We signed the state required documents, but no contract. The paper work said that she "requests" 2 week notice prior to withdraw and claims (we do not recall this) that she told us she requires two week notice. Our children were there for about a month & we noticed several alarming things. Our 3 year old was scared to go and told us she was getting yelled at. Our 4 month old came home with a bruise on the 2nd day and there was no incident report telling us what happened. We signed paperwork for the food program, yet my 3 year old daughter had the same thing for lunch several days in a row, she was not given milk and we had to provide snacks. The children were left unsupervised (I dropped in early and saw this myself) and my infant left to sit in her car seat unrestrained by herself.

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Two pieces of advise. First and most importantly, don't leave your kids at this place. Second, don't worry about the two week notice, especially if you did not know of this condition when you began having this institution watch your children.


I know day care is really expensive but the old addage is true - You get what you pay for. This place sounds like a concentration camp. You can tell the day care owner that you don't have to give you two week notice and you are not going to pay anything to her. PERIOD. You might also want to mention that you are going to call the State of Michigan and lodge a complaint. If you suspect your child was abused by the day care then contact your local police department and file a complaint. They take these things rather seriously. Good Luck.

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