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Can an illiegal alien sue employer for slave labor?

New York, NY |

There is an employer who has hired several illegal workers and treats them like slaves. They worked more then 12 hr days, everyday w/o overtime pay. They have worked day and night events 7 not been paid for some of those events. They don't get breaks or time off work. They are spoken down to & constantly being threatened that they will be fired. In one specific situation, one of the workers also lives in an apartment that she owns. A few weeks back this worker was asked to work a weekend event but this was also the same weekend that Hurricane Irene was going to pass through NYC. Against all warnings by the Mayor, his boss threatened that if he didnt come to work in the hurricane that he would be fired and would have to move out of the apt. the next day. Can these workers sue her?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Yes, employees who are here illegally may recover unpaid wages (minimum wage and overtime). Please take a look at this website for more information

  2. Yes, even illegal worker's receive the protections provided by labor laws. You should contact an attorney to discuss the details of your situation.

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