Can an HOA Board decide to raise monthly dues as a way to by-pass a special assessment that would require a homeowner vote ?

Asked about 1 year ago - Macon, GA

Our HOA was trying to pass a pretty hefty special assessment that would require a 66 2/3% homeowner vote. Many homeowners have verbally opposed the assessment and the Board realizes they will likely have difficulty getting the special assessment passed so they have now decided instead raise HOA dues by about 35% . This is a sneaky, back door way to avoid allowing homeowners the right to vote. Is this legal? Can they just raise HOA dues in whatever amounts they want ?

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  1. Answered . I agree that your covenants may be able to answer the question for you. Some associations' covenants have a limitation on the percentage it is allowed to increase the assessments from year to year. Others do not, which allows theboard to increase the assessments (usually with proper notice prior to the annual meeting, and with the membes having the opportunity to vote to disapprove the budget requiring the increase if specified/allowed in the covenants). So you need to check your covenants. You don't say if the funds are needed for important maintenance and repair projects or some other necessary purpose. If you don't object to the purpose, there may be other ways to finance the project rather than a high special assessment, such as taking out a loan. But remember, the payments may be smaller, but the interest will cause more to be paid out in the long run.

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  2. Answered . I would refer you the your covent for the association.

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