Can an employer terminate an employee because they SUSPECTED drug use?

I would have definitely taken a drug test to prove my innocence but they never asked me take one. I was never even confronted face to face with my boss to discuss the problem they had with me. When it was time for me to work they told me they were putting me on hold. A few days later I received a phone call and I was fired. I received my last check sent Federal Express.

San Marcos, CA -

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Michael Robert Kirschbaum

Michael Robert Kirschbaum

Employment / Labor Attorney - Irvine, CA

Unfortunately, most employers have the legal right to terminate employment at its will. This means they do not have to have good cause to justify a termination nor do they have to prove wrongdoing of any kind. However, if you were to file for unemployment benefits, the employer will have to prove to an administrative law judge their suspicions that you committed some form of misconduct was correct.

Now, if you belong to a union, just cause may need to be established. Also, if you suffer from a qualified disability which may be mistaken for illegal drug use, you may have some basis for a complaint. But other than, private employers are not required to be fair.

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Patrick John Phillips

Patrick John Phillips

Employment / Labor Attorney - San Diego, CA

You have not stated any facts that indicate a legal violation has occurred. Labor Code 2922 provides that employment is "at will" absent an agreement to the contrary and, as such, may be terminated by employer or employee for just about any non-discriminatory reason, regardless of whether the basis is unfair or even completely false.

If you are a union member, your collective bargaining agreement may provide you with some additional rights and it would be wise to consult with your union rep to discuss that possibility. Based strictly on what you describe, however, an individual in your circumstance would not typically have any legal recourse.

Good luck.

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Joseph Wayne Rose

Joseph Wayne Rose

Employment / Labor Attorney - Gold River, CA

Unless you had a contract or promise of continued employment, you were employed "at will" and can be fired for any lawful reason. Firing an "at will" employee for suspected drug use is lawful. But employers must be careful if they don't do a thorough investigation but give the employee a reason for the firing that harms the employee's professional reputation. More frequently, the law of defamation is being applied in termination lawsuits where the employer unwisely alleges what later proves to be an inaccurate reason for the firing because it can be foreseen the employee will be forced to repeat to prospective employers the reason for the firing. Repeating the harmful allegation hurts the employee's chances of getting another job. This is known as the "forced republication rule." You should apply for unemployment and consider consulting with a knowledgeable employment attorney about your situation. You may have to pay a modest fee for the legal consultation.

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