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Can an employer make you pay back the cash you are short in your till.

Vancouver, WA |

Hello..I was working the drive threw at McDonalds and a customer scammed me by handing me a $100 bill and then saying no give it back to me and gave me a $10 then as I got his food, he said wait, you did not give me back my hundred, you only gave me a ten...So I called my supervisor and she did not come, so I gave the man his money and he left, then I called my supervisor again and told her what happen and she said I would have to pay back the money...she said I have to sign a paper or I would lose my job and that I am lucky they would allow me to pay it I was so upset that I signed the paper. I went to get my check and they said I have to cash it and give them the I really have to pay this money back to them...I would not have signed the note, but they threatened my job.

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  1. You appear to be a victim of a common scam: confuse the cashier and demand extra money. The usual advice to lessen the risk of falling for the scam is to do only one transaction at a time. Given the fast pace of selling drive-through foods, slowing down sometimes is difficult.

    Whether your employer is acting legally cannot be determined by the facts in your post. You can review the information provided by Labor & Industries to see if your employer is acting legally. The L&I website is .

    Note that the deduction for till shortage is allowed only in the FINAL paycheck.

    If you believe your employer is not acting legally, you likely can file a complaint with L&I. Filing a complaint with L&I is free.

    I notice that many businesses have surveillance cameras. I also notice that some drive-through stations have cameras. Does your business have cameras that recorded your transactions? Can that information be provided to law enforcement?

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