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Can an car insurance company sue me for an accident over 12 years ago in which I was driving an uninsured car?

Miami, FL |

I was driving my brothers car but there was no insurance on it. I was involved in an accident and given a ticket. The other party never showed up to court so it was dismissed. I do remember having to get an SR22 for several years after. A lawyer recently contacted me saying he was going to suspend my license if I didn't pay Gieco, and they filed a judgement against me. Is there a statue of limitations onthe amount of time for an insurance company to place a final jugdement against me?

I just researched and found out there was a judgement placed 5 years after the accident in which they named my father instead of my brother. It's status says lapsed, and it expired in 2010. Would this be in my favor?

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  1. If they filed a successful judgment against you back during the initial litigation phase, it potentially can be renewed indefinitely. I would recommend consulting with an attorney to protect your rights and provide options. You can consider bankruptcy (but should also consult an attorney). You might also start by demanding that they provide documentation establishing their valid judgment (without admitting that you agree to the validity). Best of luck.

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  2. I agree with Mr. Patrick. Your first step should be to consult with an attorney and inform him or her of your situation in greater depth such that you get an idea of what your options look like. Best of luck.

  3. sounds fishy to me. It was probably a debt collector posing as a lawyer. Doubt anyone can do anything after 12 years.

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  4. I agree with my colleagues. Get a lawyer to look into this case. There are two potential issues. Either a judgment was successfully filed and can be renewed every twelve years and or there is a collector that is coming after you with the old judgment.. Get a consumer lawyer ASAP. Do not sleep on your rights. Best of luck.

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  5. Did they renew a prior judgment?

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  6. Florida judgments must be properly recorded to be valid and are easily searchable. Also, the department of motor vehicles can suspend a person's license for an unpaid judgment resulting from a crash. Hire a collections lawyer.

  7. Mr. Patrick has provided the most sound advice. I would have answered the same.

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