Can an apartment landlord deny me an apartment because he doesn't like the kind of job that I have even if I can afford rent ?

I went to get an apartment and he asked how I acquire income and I told him I was in the adult industry and I proved it by giving him my agencies phone number. Can he deny me this apartment because he doesn't like the job I have even if I make well over 3 times the rent asked

Grand Prairie, TX -

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Hershel Robert Chapin

Hershel Robert Chapin

Business Attorney - Dallas, TX

Yes, he can deny you the apartment because he does not like your job.

Next time you go apartment hunting, just show the lessor the part of your bank statement showing that you have the funds in the bank. If they need to speak to your boss, have your boss contact them directly and limit the conversation to what your income is. If the lessor asks anyone what you do, the answer should be that you are in "the entertainment industry" or "commercial retail" - whichever fits what you do best.

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