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Can an adoption be reversed in Florida?

Hollywood, FL |

My cousin was forced by her husband to put hee baby up for adoption after he learned he was not the father. He refused to let her give the baby to family members by threatening to leave her and take their son away. This baby has so much love and family who want him. The biological father has not signed him away but her husband may have fraudulently done so. How can this adoption be reversed? I was told the adoptive parents live in Canada.

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  1. This is not a simple question to answer on a web site. If you are saying she wants to contest the adoption, she needs to speak with an experienced attorney to determine if she has grounds to overturn her consent. Where is the adoption filed?

    Madonna M. Finney
    Board Certified Adoption Attorney

  2. Ms. Finney is correct, this is complex. Depending on how your cousin’s husband “forced”her to sign, there could be grounds. In addition, the termination of parental rights may have been improper if the know biological father did not receive notice of the intended adoption. However, if the adoption occurred more than a year ago, an attempt at reversing may be too late. She should see an adoption lawyer ASAP.

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  3. Your cousin should be contacting an adoption attorney directly to discuss the case.

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  4. Your cousin needs to contact an adoption attorney immediately that is experienced in revocations. When did this all happen? Was this in the state of Florida? Was there an agency involved?