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Can a written statement from my former employer be used to impeach me at a divorce trial

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I claimed I worked there for 4 years but I actually only volunteered for 6 months.

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It depends how it is used. If they simply try and enter the written statement from the employer as evidence, you can object to the document as hearsay. Then the Court decides whether to accept the evidence and may refuse to accept the document as evidence. However, there are lots of exceptions to the hearsay rule. Depending upon the way they attempt to use the statement, the Court may allow the document to be used to impeach your credibility. (make you look less than truthful in hopes of making your ex more believable).

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Hearsay cannot be used substantively (that is, in a party's case-in-chief), but it can be used to impeach you. Note that if you give false testimony under oath, you can be criminally prosecuted. You need to consult with an attorney in private about this issue, and be totally honest with them.

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