Can a will be dictated by phone

The lawyer that read the will said she dictated the will over the phone. Is this legal? Also there are way to many conflicts of interest in the will! Plus I'm a only child is it really nessecary?

Odenville, AL -

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Patrick Mahaney

Patrick Mahaney

DUI / DWI Attorney - Montgomery, AL

In the state of Alabama, every will must be a written instrument. See, Code of Alabama, 1975, section 43-8-131:
"Except as provided within section 43-8-135, every will shall be in writing signed by the testator or in the testator's name by some other person in the testator's presence and by his direction, and shall be signed by at least two persons each of whom witnessed either the signing or the testator's acknowledgment of the signature or of the will."

The aforementioned section 43-8-135 permits a choice of law as to validity, if prepared in another jurisdiction:
"A written will is valid if executed in compliance with section 43-8-131 or if its execution complies with the law at the time of execution of the place where the will is executed, or with the law of the place where at the time of execution or at the time of death the testator is domiciled, has a place of abode or is a national."

Any question as the validity of a will needs to be filed as soon as possible, and not later than 6 months after the death of the decedent. Your best course of action is seek the services of a qualified attorney, and especially one who concentrates his or her practice in the area of wills, estates, and trusts. For help in selecting an attorney, you may wish to contact the Lawyer Referral Service, a free service to the public, at the Alabama State Bar: (334) 269-1515.

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Litigation Lawyer - Fairfax, VA

Who is the 'she' you mention? The lawyer or the person who died?

You didn't list any conflicts of interest.

If by 'all this' you mean the probate process, absolutely. Children don't automatically inherit- sometimes they are disinherited, so the state needs to figure out the wishes of the individual who passed.

You may want to contact a probate attorney to help ensure your interests are protected.

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Brian Coleman Kelly

Brian Coleman Kelly

Probate Attorney - Reno, NV

The will can be electronically recorded in some jurisdictions. Unsure what conflicts you are describing.Without a will and without a spouse most likely everything would go to you assuming nothing was held in trust or joint tenancy.As you are asking I assume the will does not benefit you. If it benefits the attorney that could be bad. Get a lawyer.

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