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Can a Violation Charge be expunge

Hernando, FL |

I currently live in Florida, I have a case pending in New York, Reckless endangerment, but the person who press charges ( MY SISTER) drooped all charges. The DA claims to have several witness. Should i take this to trial? The court decide to pick up the case. My charge was dropped from a felony to a violation. I haven't enter any plea yet I thinks I'm going to get a violation charge with community service, I have no priors. I am currently looking for a job in Florida. I have applied at over 100 jobs and I keep getting turned down. Is my pending case holding me back? Can i get my case seal or expunge so it wont go on my record?

I have a public defender but she is hard to get a hold of, She doesn't go in to any detail about my case. She just wants to get the case off her workloads as quick as possible? i need to know what i can do so my record doesn't get damage?

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Work with your public defender. You can only expunge a record if it was dismissed by the court or the prosecutor or you were acquitted at trial. It will be imperative that you resolve this case and that you have no other criminal history or cases which you pled to or were found guilty of. Since your case is in New York you should consult a NY lawyer who can give you statutory requirements there for expungement or sealing of records. Good Luck!!

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