Can a Trustee be Under Agreement (U/A) with a trust ?

ex. John Doe Living Trust U/A 12/12/2012 Jack Doe Trustee For The Benefit of Jim Doe Thank You

Manteca, CA -

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Charles Adam Shultz

Charles Adam Shultz

Estate Planning Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Not sure what your question is. What its seems like is that John Doe created a trust for the benefit of Jim Doe and named Jack Doe as trustee of that trust. That is perfectly fine if that is in fact the case.

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James P. Frederick

James P. Frederick

Estate Planning Attorney - Livonia, MI

I agree that your question is not entirely clear. U/A is a common abbreviation used when referring to a trust agreement. If Jack Doe is acting as Trustee of the John Doe Living Trust, then the above caption would appear to be fine.

James Frederick

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Dagmar Pollex

Dagmar Pollex

Estate Planning Attorney - Quincy, MA

Yes, U/A is a short hand (and common) way of saying the John Dow Living Trust under the trust agreement executed on 12/12/2002.

Many times financial institutions will use this method to name counts owned by trusts

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