Can a tongue piercing effect a breathalyzer?

Asked over 1 year ago - Portsmouth, NH

I have a tongue piercing that has both plastic and metal parts. I soak them in listerene (which has alcohol in it) before changing it. I blew a .11 on a breathalyzer after having a mixed drink however I changed my piercing a few hours prior. Could that have effected it?

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    Answered . Your .11 breathalyzer is .03 over the legal limit for a DWI stop in New Hampshire. By speculation on my part only it is difficult to believe that the .03 difference could be attributed to the alcohol in Listerine from a few hours prior. However, many factors go into the determination as to whether a DWI case is triable not the least of which include observations of operation by law enforcement, field sobriety testing and many others. Many of us believe the breathalyzer itself is based on junk science and does not relate reliably to actual blood alcohol. But, bringing that issue before a jury, as well as the alcohol-in-the-tongue-ring-mouthwash defense will require retaining a toxicologist willing to testify. Consult with a DWI attorney in the NH seacoast region and best wishes.

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    Answered . I added a few tags to get you answers form dui attorneys who know the science. I do know that some time is needed to clear mouth alcohol, but you will get your best answers from dui attorneys who handle and deal with this.

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    Answered . My sense is that it can have no noticeable effect.

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    Answered . You would need to talk to an expert in DUI tests. A criminal lawyer might know who to ask or you can track such a person yourself.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . Doubtful. Consult with a criminal law attorney

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    Answered . Depends on a lot of factors but the short answer is- its possible. You should contact an experienced DWI / DUI attorney and discuss it further. Good luck.

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    Answered . I sincerely doubt that your piercing would affect your breathalyzer test. I suggest that you retain criminal defense counsel if you wish to defend against this charge.

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    Answered . Unlikely. Retain a local DUI lawyer to investigate

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