Can a ticket be changed in court?

Asked over 1 year ago - Channahon, IL

My brother was given a ticket for passing a stopped school bus; and in the ticket the officer wrote that he violated a Local Ordinance; and not ILCS. However; he wrote down the ordinance number of the ILCS Chapter 70, Act 11, section 1414 law against passing a stopped school bus. When my brother goes to court; can they change what the ticket wrote; or what will most likely happen? he seems to think that the charges will be dropped just because the ticket was written wrong.

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    Answered . The charges will not be dropped but rather amended if in error. Passing a stopped school bus is a serious traffic offense which could lead to suspension of a license for a few months. Your brother should hire a lawyer and seek a reduced charged charge if possible rather than counting on getting this ticket dismissed.

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    Answered . The charges will not be dropped. The law is liberal about amending charges. The charge will be amended, if necessary, and the court will proceed on the corrected charge.

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