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Can a third party debt collector, collect interest on an assigned medical debt they do not legally own?

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I was told by the debt collector, state law allows them to add interest to the original amount. I am confused, because the debt collector is not the legal owner, and the O/C denies ownership of such account in question.

Their debt validation response letter reads... The original creditor above has assigned your acct to this off for collection. As you have requested, and in accordance with FED/State law, enclosed is validation of the above referenced debt. Any info reported to any CR agencies is accurately reporting. I DO NOT AGREE, the computer generated "special statement" validates one acct. No validation on the other acct was provided. My 1st DEL. occurred as of the day of service.

They request I telephone their office within 10 days to pay the debt. Since they proved it.

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    Debt collectors may be able to collect interest. Before you do anytthing else, you should speak with a consumer attorney in your area. You may even have calims against the collector under the FDCPA.

  2. Debt collectors are notorious for their tactics. It is probably an attempt for you to call them to talk about the debt.

    This is not a comprehensive answer and it is impossible to provide a meaningful response without a consultation. Call us for more information. 619.797.5456

  3. I would respond back in writing stating the the validation failed to validate all accounts but yes interest can continue to be added to the balance owed.

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