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Can a text message pertaining to getting some adderall be used as enough evidence against me? How like of this happening is this

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A friend of mine was arrested and is facing charges for getting caught selling adderall. The police took his phone and told them that they were going to get a search warrant for it. I dont think there is anything more than a couple texts saying "Hey can I get a study tutor" (implying adderall) or "can I get a study aid/study buddy" but worst case scenario if we ever did exchange a text that said "addy" or actually "adderall," is it enough for me to be prosecuted? My friend isn't prescribed, I am. And when he would want some adderall to study he would ask me for 1 and I would give it to him, I had no idea he as selling. Either way, I would really like to know how likely and to what extent should I be worried? Has anyone ever delt with a case like this before? Is a text message enough?

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Doubt it would be sufficient.

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