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Can a text message be proof in court if you texted something you didnt mean,, can the person recieving the message frame you?

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I texted my ex ; your a f*gg*t! Hope your gf likes the key marks on her car , next time pay up b*tch ; I was upset and texted something I did not mean thought it was a harmless text, then a police showed up at my door saying that I keyed my exs gfs car.. the police didnt believe me wrote me a sitation and a court date ,,, I am 6 months pregnant have two children ,, I dont want too be charged with a crime I did not commit bf is my witness he is with me all of that day is that enough proof??

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Yes, it can be used as evidence but it's not a 100% proof that you did whatever the message says. You and you bf can take a stand and testify under the penalty of perjury and hopefully the judge believes you.

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A text message, just like anything you write, can potentially be used as evidence against you. I think a jury is likely to believe your own words, and probably would think that your boyfriend was just lying to protect you.

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