Can a teacher sue a parent for defamation of character?

Teacher falsely accused of sexual assault of a child. Teacher was reassigned to original position.

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James M Henderson Sr.

James M Henderson Sr.

Constitutional Law Attorney - Washington, DC

If a person has the funds to afford an attorney, or the will to take the task on without an attorney, YES, a teacher can sue a parent for defamation.

In fact, just about anyone can sue just about anyone. As a consequence the victimized defendant of potentially fraudulent and possibly misguided litigation may incur the costs of defending themselves against such suits.

I think the better question is either WILL a teacher sue, or SHOULD a teacher sue.

More details might help to provide more of a discussion. For example, under what circumstances was the accusation made? It's one thing to publish such accusations in a newspaper; it's another thing entirely to repeat the allegations on the witness stand.

If you are the teacher, contact an attorney to evaluate your potential case; if you are a parent, contact an attorney to assess the defensibility of your actions.

This answer is not a substitute for consulting with and retaining the services of an attorney for your legal needs.... more

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