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Can a successor trustee be added to an irrevocable trust?

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My friend had an irrevocable special needs trust setup. She is the trustor/trustee and her daughter is the beneficiary. The lawyer did not appoint a successor trustee in the trust and my friends knowledge was minimal at the time she had the trust done. The verbiage says in the event no successor trustee has been appointed, a successor trustee shall be appointed by the court of a competent jurisdiction. It also states that the trustee may, from time to time amend this trust agreement to address changes in federal or state law, or other circumstances which may affect this trust and it's beneficiaries. Can we type up an amendment to the trust assigning a successor trustee as would be done for a revocable trust or does she have to have this done by a lawyer?

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You should not do this on your own. Start with the attorney who drafted the trust.

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The terms of the trust agreement dictate how a successor trustee will be added. From what you have shared, it appears that it would have to be a court order. Generally the trustee is limited in how he/she/it may amend the trust. If a trust protector is in the trust, they often have the power to amend the trust.
If an amendment can be made to the trust, use a laywer to make sure it is done properly and that it is valid. The trustee needs to remember she/he/it is a fiduciary and must be very careful that everything is done properly in order to avoid liability.
I am happy to meet with the trustee and review the terms of the trust to give you an opinion during a free consultation. Feel free to contact me if interested.

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i depends on the language in the trust and it appears from the facts presented that a court order would be necessary.

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