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Can a small claims case turn criminal? If a woman claims assault regardless of fact can that affect the outcome of small claims?

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An ex claimed to take financial responsibility for her pets who were under my care for a year and a half (pet deposit, rent, etc.). When visiting she was told to leave from cheating. She claimed she could tell the cops anything and they would believe her. She is claiming assault despite a roommate witness. Because of this claim she says she never agreed to any financial responsibility for her pets which she now has in her procession again and refuses to return all borrowed physical and liquid assets from the relationship.

In a long distance relationship I was asked to take care of her animals. At the beginning of the relationship she said the dogs were her responsibility. Throughout the relationship she "never had the money" to pay for the animals well-being. At the end of the relationship she says she never agreed to pay for her animals (totaling over $1500 including damages - all documented). She now has threatened me with assault stating cops will always believe a women (there was a witness the evening of the alleged assault - I have physical evidence the assault was on me) saying since she never filed assault she owes me nothing.

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    I have no idea what you are actually asking. Please explain further.

  2. This is a very confusing question. I don't u deer stand what the question is? Please elaborate so we can help you.

  3. Huh? I do not understand what is being asked, this is kind of like a law school exam question. It appears there are several issues. First, you took care of your ex's pets and are seeking compensation for your service. Second she is claiming an assault was made against her by you, therefore she does not have to pay you. In addition she has things which you feel should be returned to you. Consult with a family law attorney to ascertain what assets and debts need to be equitably distributed between you and your ex, and see if an agreement can be negotiated, if not seek court intervention to have a judge sort it all out. Good luck.

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  4. Go to small claims court.

  5. I dont know the Fla rules about small claims court. You have to see if you can sue where you live, or where she lives. You have to prove there was an agreement she would pay yyou to watch the dogs, and how much. if there was damage etc done by the dog, you have to prove that. if she has persoanl property of yours, you have to prove that and the value. She can cross complain for assault or battery. you will need to prove she attacked you. Does she have the money to pay if you win?
    You might contact some of the small claim court tv shows. they love cases like this. if they agree to have your case, I think they pay each side, so that may be a away for you to collect money. You just have to agree to have this shown on natl TV.

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