Can a sex offender live with his wife and minor child?

My husband was recently released from prison. He was not allowed to parole out to my home because of my daughter who is under five. Now that he is out, we are trying to move into the same home as him so we can be a family again. Husband is a level 2 sex offender. We have been married for 1.5 years. now.

Fort Smith, AR -

Attorney Answers (2)

Anthony Michael Solis

Anthony Michael Solis

Criminal Defense Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

This is likely a question for his probation officer.

James Donald Garrett

James Donald Garrett

Criminal Defense Attorney - Virginia Beach, VA

I am licensed to practice criminal law in VA, not AR. With that said, he's going to have to clear that issue with his PO. Given his criminal history, this is not an uncommon condition. Being released to parole is not a right, it's a privilege. If his PO does not allow him to be around his daughter, he will have to make other living arrangements. If he violates the terms of his parole, he could be sent back to prison.

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