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Can a sex offender get a pardon

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can a registered sex offender get a pardon

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It is certainly possible I believe, however, whether the governor or the president would do so is a different story.

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I agree with counsel above. One can apply for a pardon. I do not have the statistics regarding the number of pardons granted to sex offenders in Missouri over the last year, etc., but I will wager that the number hovers around zero. Best of luck.

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You can file a petition for clemency with the Governor of Missouri. There is information and a form to do so at this web site: It is a lengthy process that many times takes years. Even if clemency is granted, this still might not be enough to take away the obligation to report as a sex offender pursuant to Missouri and Federal statute. There are some sex offenses that after a passage of time, you can petition a court to remove your name from the sex offender registry. You should seek legal representation and they can more fully answer your questions.

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