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Can a school and/or school district be sued in the state of Virginia?

Chesapeake, VA |

My son was stabbed in art class with an excato knife in the chest in art class. The school handled things very poorly from sending him the nurses office unnattended to not reporting it to the police and not calling an ambulance. Also there was a prior issue of bullying in the class that led up to this incedent that had been ignored by the teacher and the guidance counselor.

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  1. Yes - you can sue a school. Under Virginia law, you have to give formal notice with a short period of time because the school has sovereign immunity. Call a local attorney today - the sooner you call, the better.

  2. Yes. You need to file a Notice of Claim with the municipality though. Be very careful as the time period is limited. You need to contact a local personal injury attorney immediately.

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  3. Absolutely. You should retain an attorney in your area as soon as possible.

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